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Shattuck Chemical Company

Rocky Mountain Research (Denver Radium Operable Unit 8, also known as the Shattuck property), was the location of the S.W. Shattuck Chemical Company, which processed a variety of radioactive materials from 1917 to 1984. OU8 is located approximately 6 miles southwest of downtown Denver and sits within the drainage of the South Platte River. In 1992, the Environmental Protection Agency reached a Record of Decision to demolish all buildings and stabilize the on-site radioactive soil. Multiple efforts were made to contain and remediate the hazardous contaminants. In 2002, a settlement was reached between the Department of the Interior and the responsible party, S.W. Shattuck Chemical Company. The company agreed to provide compensation for violations of the CERCLA Act, namely, injuries to natural resources from hazardous substances (including uranium, arsenic, cadmium, selenium, molybdenum, and other metals). The OU8 Site currently acts as a refuge for over 30 species of migratory birds.


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