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Mark Iverson, Paradox Valley, Colorado, proposed site of mothballed Piñon Canyon Uranium Mill, 2008, Wikimedia Commons


Paradox Mines

Located in Montrose County, the company town of Paradox and its associated mines were, like Uravan, Nucla, Naturita and several other nearby towns, created in response to the rise in demand for uranium after World War II. In the 1940s, uranium mining led to the establishment of several mill towns in Colorado, dubbed "yellowcake towns." Paradox is just one of many yellowcake towns in the Uravan Belt. In the north, uranium was mined from the Bitter Creek claims high above Paradox valley. In the south, the Cotter Corporation dug an open pit mine in the 1980s. The crash of the uranium market following the Three Mile Island reactor incident caused the mine to close before it could start production.


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